Cylinder Head And Valvetrain Parts Combos For GM Duramax

April 2021 Products Web Exclusive

Summit Racing, Edelbrock, and COMP Cams put their collective heads together and created cylinder head and valvetrain packages that will wake up a GM Duramax LB7 or LML diesel engine. You get a combination that eliminates the parts-match merry-go-round and will make the power you want for serious towing, racing, or even sled pulling.

Edelbrock/COMP Cams GM Duramax Cylinder Head and Valvetrain Parts Combos are available in three performance stages and include these parts:

Edelbrock Duramax Diesel Cylinder Heads

Designed as direct replacements for the factory cylinder heads, Edelbrock Duramax Diesel Cylinder Heads have optimized intake runner airflow rates to flow at least 20% more air than the factory heads while maintaining a swirl ratio very similar to stock. That means a complete and clean burn of the air/fuel charge, two important factors in meeting stringent diesel emissions requirements.

The exhaust runners are massaged to reduce airflow restrictions through the heads. That reduces intake air temperatures, allowing cooler, denser air into the engine. A better-flowing head also provides more energy to drive the turbocharger faster to make more power, or make the same amount of power with less effort.

Edelbrock Duramax Diesel Cylinder Heads are heat-treated to T7 specifications to reduce the residual stress in the castings, making them more stable and allowing more accurate machining. T7 heat treating also improves the tensile strength, compressive strength, and hardness of the casting to reduce the likelihood of cracks, dropped valve seats, or ‘lifting’ heads in extreme operating environments.


• 230cc/117cc intake and exhaust runners
• 1.299"/1.220" diameter intake and exhaust valves
• 1.063" single valve springs good for up to .600" of valve lift
• Three-angle valve job
• 16mm thick deck to handle increased cylinder pressures

• Extra deck and port wall material for custom port work
• Raised rocker valley adds water volume for improved cooling
• Compatible with factory valvetrain, valve covers, water crossover, injectors, and glow plugs
• Fully assembled with valves, valve springs, locks, seals, and retainers

• 50-state emissions legal (CARB E.O. number D-215-102)

COMP Cams LST Series Stage Solid Roller Camshaft

These cams feature COMP’s “Low Shock Technology” lobe profile designed to maximize engine airflow, which reduces harmful EGTs and improves valvetrain stability at higher RPM.

COMP Cams Hi-Tech Pushrods

These pushrods are ideal for engines running higher than stock boost pressure, upgraded valve springs, or aggressive camshafts. The 7/16" diameter, .120" wall pushrods are much stiffer than the stock for improved valvetrain stability at higher RPM.

Stage 2 and Stage 3 combos include a COMP Cams Beehive Valve Spring Kit. They are rated to .585" of valve lift and will improve your engine’s lift and RPM capacity. Spring seats, valve seals, and chromoly steel retainers are included.

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