Boost Diesel Engine Performance With LIQUI MOLY

April 2021 Products Web Exclusive

Both older mechanical injection diesel engines and their newer common rail counterparts benefit from LIQUI MOLY Marine Super Diesel Additive. Simply pouring a can into the fuel promotes easier starting, increases lubrication, prevents corrosion and boosts performance.

LIQUI MOLY Marine Super Diesel Additive is safe to use in all diesel engines, with or without turbochargers. It doesn't affect catalytic converters or particulate filter functionality.

Formulated to boost cetane value for better combustion, LIQUI MOLY Marine Super Diesel Additive lowers emissions and reduces internal wear. Cleaning agents prevent the build-up of deposits.

LIQUI MOLY Marine Super Diesel Additive is used in a mixing ratio of 1:500. A 16.9 fl. oz. can treats 66 gal. of diesel fuel and costs $19.99.

Renowned in global auto and motorcycle racing circles, LIQUI MOLY specially formulates and manufactures a complete range of high-performance marine engine lubricants and fuel additives. Its motor oil has been voted the most popular in Germany for 10 years straight.

Find out more on their website, or find LIQUI MOLY on Instagram or Facebook.

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