New Products For Your Shop

March 2021 Products Web Exclusive

Take a good look around your shop. Chances are you'll find some things that could stand replacing or need to be added to your tool repretoire. Summit Racing has added a bunch of new tools and shop equipment to its inventory too--here are three you might like:

OTC Steel Jack Stands

Working under a truck without a good set of jack stands is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. OTC Jack Stands are constructed from formed and welded high-strength steel, have self-locking ratchet handles, form-fit saddles and wide bases for stability, and welded footpads that resist sinking into soft ground or asphalt. 

Legacy Flexzilla Retractable Extension Cord Reels

Most garages and trailers don’t have enough electric outlets. That means when you need power, you have to dig out an extension cord and stretch it across the floor, creating a tripping hazard. A Legacy Flexzilla Retractable Extension Cord Reel mounts in a central location in your garage and features a swivel mounting bracket so it pivots in the direction of your work. When you reach for the extension cord, it’s closer to your project and suspended above the floor so you don’t trip on it. 

Summit Racing High-Top Creeper

At some point, our trucks will require engine work. Instead of straining leg, back, and neck muscles leaning over the fender or risking injury by climbing into the engine bay, use a Summit Racing High-Top Creeper. it allows you to reach more areas in the engine bay for extended work periods before painful fatigue sets in.

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