Bully Dog Thruster Electronic Throttle Enhancer From Summit Racing

March 2021 Products, Video Web Exclusive

Ever notice a lag between when you step on the throttle and when the engine actually responds? It’s called “sponge pedal,” and all late model trucks suffer from it, especially turbocharged ones. But you can put the bark back in your truck with a Bully Dog Thruster Electronic Throttle Enhancer

The Thruster Electronic Throttle Enhancers plugs into the wiring harness between the vehicle’s pedal position sensor and wiring harness for a fast and easy installation. The “On-the-Fly” control knob provides the ultimate control over pedal sensitivity with a range of 0% (stock pedal) to 100% (maximum performance increase). And thanks to its waterproof design, the Thruster can also be used in off-road vehicles.

Features include:

• Improved throttle response and acceleration
• Boosted low- to midrange performance
• Faster downshifts on automatic transmission trucks
• Reduced throttle hang on manual transmission trucks
• No more turbo lag
• Will not void vehicle warranty

Bully Dog Thruster Electronic Throttle Enhancers are available for most Chevrolet, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, and Toyota trucks with gasoline or diesel engines.

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