BD Venom Fuel Lift Pump for Duramax

March 2021 Products, Video Web Exclusive
BD's Venom Lift Pump offers a drop in solution that utilizes ultra-quiet ball bearing technology and with improved pressure regulation and efficiency that has enough fuel flow to support Stroker 900hp pumps.
Rated at 165gpm, the Venom Lift Pump will support a single large CP3 or dual-fuel kits with stock High Pressure Fuel Pumps (HPFP).

A rigid aluminum bracket along with quiet vibration isolators allow for versatile and easy installation without having to strap mount to the electric motor like with previous models.
Kit includes commonly sourced 3-micron fuel filter and 20-micron water separator filter, plus, everything else needed to install using full-size 1/2-inch fuel lines.
  •  Ultra-quiet & efficient ball bearing rotating assembly
  • 1-1/8in diaphragm based fuel pressure regulation
  • No more failure prone poppet valve
  • Preset 8-10psi
  • Updated pump mounting bracket
  •  Includes Water separator & fuel filter
  • 165gph supports from stock up to 900hp
  •  Hard coat billet pump body (military grade)
  •  Quick connect fittings included - no cutting required
  • Ultra-compact design

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