New GRIP-N-LOC brand from Auburn Gear

February 2021 Products Web Exclusive

Auburn Gear, located in Auburn, Indiana, has announced the introduction of its new GRIP-N-LOC brand, representing a new line of limited slip differentials designed for longer life and superior traction in tough conditions; and supported by a two-year warranty.

GRIP-N-LOC is a new limited slip differential that utilizes Cone-Clutch technology to impart a bias across the axle when one of the wheels experiences low traction. When one wheel begins to slip, internal mechanisms within the differential begin to take grip. As wheel slippage increases so does the gripping force. GRIP-N-LOC is well suited for racing, performance car and light truck applications where increased traction is a must.

As Mike Lashure, VP of Sales and Engineering, stated, “Few drivers realize that torque follows the path of least resistance. So, if a vehicle with a standard or open differential is in a situation with poor traction, the power from the driveline goes directly to the wheel with the least traction, and the vehicle may not be able to move. With GRIP-N-LOC, power going to the rear axle is distributed through the Cone Clutches across the entire axle, meaning the wheel with the most traction also receives power, helping the driver maintain excellent forward traction.

“What makes GRIP-N-LOC particularly exciting is that we’ve selected premium materials to develop a product that safely delivers an increased torque bias across the axle. This allows us to offer an industry leading 24-month warranty.

“We are proud to be the only major aftermarket differential brand that manufactures its own products right here in America. Our differential line also includes the recently introduced Select-A-Loc™ electronically operated locking differential. With these two innovative and highly engineered products, Auburn Gear is very excited about the unique opportunities available to today’s driving enthusiasts.”

As a standard feature, GRIP-N-LOC limited slip differentials will be shipped with a bottle of friction modifier, an oil additive that helps to ensure correct operation of the cone-clutch system. As with most limited slip differentials, GRIP-N-LOC is required to be used with mineral-based GL5 axle lube. Auburn Gear lube can also be purchased from Auburn Gear distributors, which can be found here.

Auburn Gear GRIP-N-LOC differentials will be available at your local distributors in March 2021.

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