Hastings Diesel Piston Kits and Piston Rings

February 2021 Products Web Exclusive

If you’re rebuilding a Dodge Cummins or Ford Power Stroke diesel engine, don’t skimp on the pistons and rings—get a Hastings Piston and Ring Kit. Ideal for OEM rebuilds and mildly modified performance engines, the kits include OEM-replacement hypereutectic aluminum pistons with moly-coated skirts. The ring packs feature ductile iron top rings with a ceramic-chrome facing is very hard and provides high levels of scuff and heat resistance, low friction, and excellent sealing to prevent blowby.

The iron secondary ring has a phosphate coating that acts as a rust preventative to prevent corrosion and galling during engine startup and break-in. The oil control ring is cast iron embedded with self-lubricating graphite flakes.

Hastings Diesel Piston and Ring Kits are available for these engines:

• 1994-2003 Ford/Navistar 7.3L

• 2004-07 Ford Power Stroke 6.0L

• 2008-10 Ford Power Stroke 6.4L

• 1998-2004 Dodge Cummins 5.9L 24V

• 2007-14 Dodge Cummins 6.7L 24V

Summit Racing also carries Hastings piston ring sets for GM, Ford, Dodge, and Caterpillar diesel engines. Most sets have a ceramic-coated ductile iron top ring, a phosphate-coated iron secondary ring, and a chrome-faced iron oil control ring.


• 1998-2002 6.5L

• 2001-15 Duramax 6.6L


• 1994-2004 Power Stroke 7.3L

• 2003-10 Power Stroke 6.0L 

• 2008-11 Power Stroke 6.4L

• 2011-up MaxxForce7 6.4L

• 2011-17 Power Stroke 6.7L

Dodge Cummins

• 1988-2004 5.9L 12V

• 2004-07 5.9L 24V

• 2007-17 6.7L


• 2003-09 C7 7.2L

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