Fix Damaged Fastener Threads the Easy Way with Nes Repair Tools from Summit Racing

December 2020 Products DT Staff

Anyone who's spent time turning wrenches has come across fasteners that don’t want to back off. Most of the time they come loose. But sometimes you aren't so lucky and you end up grinding the threads of that stubborn bolt or nut.

A tap and die kit can get the job done, though they’re a hassle to use. Having to determine things like the bolt/nut inside or outside diameter, thread pitch, bolt depth, thread direction, and so on creates a lot of extra work. 

Summit Racing found a better way with Nes Thread Repair Tools, which clean, chase, and repair stripped, rusty, or damaged internal or external threads. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with SAE or metric hardware, coarse or fine pitch, left or right-handed threads--these tools require no setup or calibration. Just insert the repair tool and turn the adjusting knob to fit it to the proper bolt diameter. The tool’s cutting blades automatically float into the thread slots, adapting to the correct pitch. All that’s left to do is to spin the tool like you would a tap or die to do the repair. 

Because a single Nes tool can be used to do the same job it can take dozens of taps and dies to do, you’ll also save money and valuable storage space. Nes Thread Repair Tools to last are made from HSS metal that’s hardened to Rockwell specifications for extra durability, and the blades are replaceable so thread cutting performance is always top-notch. For more information, call 800-230-3030 or click here.

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