Torquing Made Easy with This GEARWRENCH Torque Wrench

September 2020 Products DT Staff

GEARWRENCH's 120XP Flex Head Electronic Torque Wrenches with Angle will make easier work of torquing lug nuts and bolts when needed! It digitally tracks torque and angle measurements and uses a vibrating handle, buzzer, and LCD screen alert when target torque is reached. The 120XP head provides a 3° ratcheting arc to better turn fasteners in narrow spaces. It also has a low-profile tube, 15° flex teardrop head, and a flush-mounted on/off switch allow for better access in tight confines. Three function modes feature peak torque, angle, and peak angle for additional versatility. Five forque measurement units provide a readout in foot-pounds, inch-pounds, Newton-meters, kilogram-meters, and kilogram-centimeters. Best of all, it has a torque accuracy of +/-2 percent. For more information, call 800-688-8949 or click here.

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