Michael Brown's Truck Next Door

July 2020 Feature My Truck DT Staff

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2020 issue.

Michael’s 2007 Dodge 3500 5.9L dually MegaCab is a big white daily-driving beast that sees some serious use. The truck commutes to his job daily for over 100 miles, and he also uses it for weekend sled pulls as well as to pull his trailer weekly for his local high school’s marching band. “It’s my 300,000-mile beater,” Michael laughs.

The engine mods on the truck are extensive, and they include: an On3 77mm over stock compound turbo kit, 100 hp injector nozzles, a 33-percent over stock Industrial Injection CP3 pump, a FASS 150 lift pump with a sump, and even a single-stage nitrous kit. With the towing he does, all of these parts make Michael’s truck great for his lifestyle. To top off performance, the programmer is an EFILive, where he can switch between his performance, towing, and daily driving modes.

For the future, Michael plans on beefing up his engine mods even more with a bigger CP3 pump and injectors, as well as possible turbo upgrades, though he really loves his compounds the way they are now. “I’ll stick with those to tow,” he says.


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