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This article originally appeared in the November 2019 issue.

I have a roll of shop towels in my garage and it frustrates me when I see my kids using them to clean up a popsicle spill. I’m always getting on them to use the regular paper towels for their messes and now I have something else to add to the “just for dad” list and that’s the new GUNK Degreasing Wipes.

This brand is already known for its tough cleaners and degreasers that have been making shop life a lot easier for over 60 years, so it makes sense it would release an industrial-strength, no-rinse degreasing wipes that are designed to tackle grease and oil on everything from engine bays to truck trim and windows.

The 8- by 12-inch sheet provides maximum surface area for thorough and efficient cleaning, plus the double-sided wipes have a scrubbing side for stubborn grease and grime and a smooth side to finish the job.

The degreasing wipes contain no isopropyl alcohol and are packaged in a moisture-sealed container to prevent drying and to maintain a long shelf-life. I like the citrus scent that is not only safe on metal, glass, painted surfaces, plastic and rubber, but also safe on my skin.

GUNK Degreasing Wipes are sold in 30-count packs with prices ranging from $4.99 to $6.99 and 75-count packs for $14.49.

Product Score: 91

Application 18/20

Function 48/50

Durability 7/10

Design 10/10

Price 8/10


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