Austin Piper's Truck Next Door

July 2020 Feature My Truck DT Staff

This article originally appeared in the March 2020 issue.

Here is an interesting 1995 Ford F250; it’s completely rebuilt and reconditioned since the time he bought it. It looks even older than 1995, but that’s because it uses body parts from a 1986 F150. At the time Austin bought it, the vehicle was a complete wreck as it was run-down and missing a hood and bed. The 7.3L Power Stroke-powered old body style (OBS) truck came a long way in the last two years. “I did all the work myself from engine to the paint and body,” he says.

The frame has since been sandblasted and painted, and the truck’s body (including the pre-existing cab, which was unchanged) was repainted in fire mist red, making the Ford look almost brand-new on the outside as if it were in 1986. The truck’s wheels are 20-inch Gear Alloy Big Blocks paired with 20-inch Nitto NT420S tires. The lighted GM tow mirrors also add a strong touch.

Austin also completed a custom interior which now features heated power leather seats, a newer steering wheel and console, an overhead console with a custom gauge pod, and a double-DIN stereo characteristic of the OBS interior. Engine and powertrain mods include a triple-disc torque converter, custom Intercooler piping, an S366 T4 turbo setup on the stock up pipes, twin centered exhaust stacks, and a Hydra chip from 1023 Diesel. No major suspension mods exist on this truck, except for custom traction bars. However, he does plan on eventually using reverse shackle kits for both the front and rear. He also plans to use a new set of injectors. Austin has a lot of fun with this truck, and to spice it up he even added a HornBlasters kit. “I mostly use my truck for shows, but I still use it to haul from time to time,” he adds.


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