Hot Shot’s Secret Rebrands Transmission Stiction Eliminator to Shift Restore

June 2020 Products DT Staff

Hot Shot's Secret has rebranded their popular Transmission Stiction Eliminator to Shift Restore! The new brand name was selected as it was deemed more fitting for the product’s primary consumer benefit of ensuring smoother gear changes for the life of the vehicle. Developed with a high-performance ester, the formula is unchanged (only the brand name). Along with the name change comes a new bottle size available: Shift Restore will now also be offered in a new, 16-ounce bottle size!

Shift Restore cleans and restores automatic transmissions. This high-performance formula is a unique lubricity and cleaning agent that tenaciously attaches itself to all metal parts that it meets inside the transmission. The strong polarity pulls deposits off the metal surfaces and puts them back into solution. This minimizes metal-to-metal contact and reduces operating temperatures for long term wear protection. Additional benefits include improved fuel economy, along with reduced noise, vibration and oil leakage, and the protection of rubber seals. With regular use, Shift Restore can extend oil drain intervals and is sold with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. For more information, call 800-341-6516 or click here.

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