A Next-Generation Trailer From Let's Go Aero

May 2020 Products DT Staff

The LittleGiant Trailer™ has been a favorite go-to product for Let’s Go Aero customers since its introduction in 2008. Designed as a pickup bed size trailer with 24-inch-tall bed sides and a three-quarter ton payload capacity, the LittleGiant Trailer is a platform product that can be outfitted with unrivaled accessory combinations to create a “one size fits all” winning lifestyle activity platform.

It now features a bunch of new enhancements, such as a flat-black powder coat finish over the LittleGiant’s galvanized steel sheet construction, all-black trivalent finished hardware and brackets, as well as many more choices and new surprises for gear transport, utility, and overland adventure (it can be outfitted with several new camper upfit kits and an assortment of tonneau covers and cargo racks). It’s available in two models for all-terrain (LittleGiant Trailer) and Overlanding (SpecOPS Trailer) with 1,500 and 2,000 pound cargo hauling capacity respectively. The LittleGiant’s torsion axle now includes provisions for adding electric brakes and is cambered for great tracking and even tire tread wear. Coupled with easy grease zert bearing lubrication, the LittleGiant is nearly maintenance-free. For more information, call 719-630-3800 or visit www.letsgoaero.com).

Photo credited to LetsGoAero.com

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