Spring Clean Your Engine with Hot Shot's Secret

March 2020 Products DT Staff

We're getting our trucks ready for the warm season now, so here's something to prepare your 7.3L or 6.0L Power Stroke: the Hot Shot's Secret Stiction Eliminator! This product safely removes and prevents the gummy, sticky residue that builds up inside HEUI injectors over time. It cleans and lubricates the entire oil side of your engine, including the injectors, turbo, rings, oil pump, and everything else the oil touches. It removes stiction, sludge, and varnish created by burnt oil while simultaneously lubricating. This product is proven to reduce the wear on your engine by up to 62 percent more than engine oil alone! It will improve your fuel economy, restore power and compression, and fix 9 in 10 failing HEUI injectors. For more information, call 800-341-6516 or click here.

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