Stay Cleaner Longer With This Oil Filter

February 2020 Products DT Staff

The new PPE Premium High-Efficiency Oil Filter for the 2001-2019 Duramax is the filter of choice for keeping your oil cleaner longer, because it's just what your engine needs. This filter has more than twice the surface area of a conventional filter. Its superior filtration is the result of specially engineered, accordion-folded nylon and fiberglass media that can catch and hold debris down to 5 microns. Typical OEM-quality oil filters only remove about 72 percent of particles (in an 8- to 10-micron range). With double the surface area, double the filtration, and double the life of conventional oil filters, there's a reason this filter will become your new favorite. For more information, call 714-985-4825 or click here.

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