Keeping Your Engine Clean

January 2020 Products DT Staff

Lucas Oil Diesel Deep Clean is a technologically advanced rapid cleaning diesel fuel detergent and deposit control additive designed to keep injectors clean, with good flow and free of plugging. Manufactured by Lucas Oil Products Inc., the American-based distributor and manufacturer of additive and lubricant products, Diesel Deep Clean is effective against carbonaceous deposits as well as internal injector deposits. Clean injectors mean restored lost power and engine performance.

Made with Lucas’ proprietary cleaning formula, Diesel Deep Clean eliminates the risk of forced regens by removing up to 32 percent of harmful soot and other particulate matter before building up inside the particulate filters and making a vehicle inoperable. This diesel fuel detergent will also improve DPF regeneration efficiencies and overtreating will not cause any harm. Additionally, Lucas Diesel Deep Clean will stop exhaust backpressure, allowing diesel engines to run smoother and cooler. For more information, call 800-342-2512 or visit

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