For a Safer and More Enhanced Night Driving Experience

December 2019 Products DT Staff

Perhaps would you like to be able to see better when driving at night? Maybe be better able to avoid hitting an animal? Take a look at this unique product from SPEEDIR. It's the Night Owl Plus Thermal night vision camera with artificial intelligence (AI). This unique system can detect and recognize pedestrians and animals to prevent collisions well before your headlights can pick them up.

Other than people, this camera is able to detect deer, moose, elk, and other large wildlife. Plus, it's able to see through fog, smoke, or even dust. The system is able to detect anything generating heat (including people and animals) from up to 3,000 feet away from the scope of the headlight beam. The system also features a color-coded distance warning on the screen for the people and objects that come your way (green for when the person is far away, yellow for when the person or animal is getting closer, and red for when the person or animal is very close). It gives the visual and audible warnings at up to 400 feet away. With an included standard video connector, this product can connect to any automotive screen or video input. For more information, call 619-905-0504 or click here.

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