A Helpful Tool for Filter Changes

December 2019 Products DT Staff

Changing your fuel or oil filter can be quite a hassle when you don't have the best gripping power. Ever wrestled a filter that was over-tightened? Ever burned your arms trying to get around a hot exhaust? Not to worry, this tool has you covered! These are the most durable and versatile filter pliers for trucks out there. The Gator Jaws have powerful grip and amazing holding power, thanks to 32 teeth that can grab an over-tightened filter with extra-firm grip and loosen from a variety of angles without slipping! All that's needed is just one bite from the 32 teeth, and even the most difficult and hard-to-reach filters will spin off with ease! For more information, call 845-679-4500 or click here.

Photo credited to IPATools.com

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