The Michelin UPTIS

September 2019 Products Colin Peterson

Here's a truly airless mobility solution for road vehicles! With this tire, you'll feel a lot more safe and secure on the road as there's no need to worry about flats. With that said, the UPTIS (Unique Pucture-proof Tire System) tire eliminates the need for regular maintenance, such as pressure checks and inspections for damage and tread wear.

GM, a valued partner to Michelin, has signed a research contract as a co-development partner; together they have a goal of getting this unique airless mobility channel on vehicles by 2024. Just because it was only tested on the Chevy Bolt as a prototype doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be only used on vehicles of that size. Companies may likely come up with ways to get them on trucks as well, as a motive exists to have less downtime for vehicles at work due to tire damage. To learn more about this tire, click here.

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