I'm Back with Diesel Tech!!

August 2019 Ask The Expert Colin Peterson

It's been quite some time, but I used to work with Diesel Tech. Now, I'm back after more than two years. My love and passion for anything with a diesel engine hasn't gone away!

My name is Colin Peterson. I started with the magazine on the editorial staff in September 2016; during my early months, I was honored to have the opportunity to attend the SEMA Show in October and November of that year. I saw so many cool products and lifted trucks. On top of that, I met and got to know so many amazing aftermarket professionals. SEMA was an exhilarating experience to say the least. I've been fascinated by anything with an internal combustion engine for as long as I can remember and SEMA felt like a trade show I could identify with like no other. In March 2017, I had to return to school full-time, but as of July of this year, I'm now back with this magazine for more fun alongside the executive editor, Brady Kay!

If you're wondering about the increase in website activity, yes, that increase you've seen over the last week was indeed because of me taking the wheel here. For the last week, I've been looking at old print material that I wrote, and I've been re-running some of it on the site. I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with awesome memories of the great times I had getting to know all of these folks with their eye-catching decked out trucks as well as learning about each brand and what they're great for. For those who've been reading the magazine for a while, if you happen to remember any of the articles titled "Don't Be Afraid to Go DEF", "Mischief of the 47RE", "The Girlymaxx 2.0", "Regeneration Explained", "The Big Rolling Snowman", or "Chameleon Cummins", I'm that very same guy who wrote those. I come across more and more new brands that pop up in this industry and it's always interesting to learn about them!

So, you might remember me, or you might not. I just wanted to clear things up and let you all in on who's behind Diesel Tech now. All the spinning components on a diesel engine along with the noise that really catches your attention has always fascinated me way more than words can describe. So, I really feel the motivation to learn more about new products from different companies as I can visualize exactly how they work with engines, powertrains, or other systems. With that said, as I assume my spot here with Diesel Tech, I look forward to helping to keep you all updated on this site as Brady and I showcase what this industry has to offer!

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