Ultimate Sleeper Build

Stock-looking Durakon is tearing up the roads

Published in the May 2019 Issue May 2019 Build, Feature Roy Sparks

DIY Modifications

While you might think a Duramax engine in a Yukon body might be common enough of a build that kits would be available for those interested in their own Durakon projects, Josh realized this wouldn’t exactly be a bolt-on situation. 

“We built all the turbo piping ourselves because there’s not a bolt-on kit that fits a Yukon,” adds Josh. “Then we sent all the piping to Wehrli Custom Fabrication for Jason Wehrli and his team to make a nicer kit and they killed it. Once done we put it on the dyno and again, this was supposed to be a stock swap, but I guess a 1,143 rwhp SUV will just have to work.”

Factory Direct?

You might say one of the truck’s biggest accomplishments is the wiring, as anything that had to be added or changed was color-matched to factory schematics.

“Minus the modifications to the engine, a GM technician would have no problems figuring out any issue on this truck,” says Josh. “It honestly looks like it was there from the factory.”

Of all the personal builds Josh has created over the years, he seems to have had the most fun with his wife’s Durakon. Not only because it’s fun to drive, but because few people know what’s really under the hood. Josh admits it’s not easy to get sport cars and muscle cars to play on the street when he’s driving one of his well-tuned diesel trucks, but that’s not the case with his sleeper build.

“When this thing rolls up to the street light they have no idea what is about to happen,” says Josh with a smile. “We did all the front end work to allow four-wheel launches and it has no issue eating up a big majority of the cars it comes up against.”

Grocery Getter

While its street cred is reaching legendary status in Minnesota, it’s important to note the Durakon wasn’t just built for fun. The family uses it daily and to also pull their Ranger fishing boat to the cabin. Even with the extra weight of towing a boat, Josh loves that it has no issues passing other vehicles on those two-lane roads.

“This truck has been my daily driver for nearly five years now and it just goes to show how reliable higher horsepower can be when set up and tuned correctly,” adds Carissa.

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