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Published in the May 2019 Issue May 2019 Installs, Feature

Sometimes you just want to be heard … and we mean in a big way. And one sure way to not only be heard, but to be uniquely heard, is with a HornBlasters air horn kit.

The editors of Diesel Tech Magazine caught up with HornBlasters to see some of the options available and how easy/complicated a process it is to install the air horn kit.

 A growing trend is the HornBlasters Spare Tire Delete Kit. Customers with full-size trucks are ditching their factory size spare tire for this all-in-one solution using your vehicle's spare tire location to install a complete train horn kit.

The installation has never been faster or easier with the use of a special bracket that holds your choice of one of the Conductor's Special kits with part numbers between 232 and 2485K. The best part of the kit is it uses the vehicle's stock spare tire lifting system to hold the kit in place, creating a secure and compact time-saving solution.

The customer only needs basic hand tools, basic wiring skills and about three hours of time. Kit ships complete with hardware, wiring, and instructions.

Recently released at the SEMA Show, the horn kit featured in the installation below is all-new for 2019: HornBlasters Spare Tire Delete Dual Tank Kit (STDDK). Now you are able to have twice the air to honk the horn twice as long.

The kit uses super loud American-made ShockerXL horns, four gallons of air, and Viair's new top-of-the-line 485C compressor. HornBlasters is based in the Tampa Bay, FL, area and provides the best in automotive horns and horn accessories, supplying
pneumatic suspension and signaling products to the aftermarket that craves it.

HornBlasters doesn’t just provide other companies’ parts to its customers; they are a manufacturer of air horns and pneumatic solutions. Product lines include a complete range of train horns, air horns, specialty horns, marine horns, on-board air supplies, air suspension parts, novelty horns, public address systems and many other pneumatic related products.

Hornblasters Conductor’s Special 2485K Train Horn Kit with Dual Tank Spare Tire Delete Bracket retails starting at $924.98. The kit shown in the installation, with all its options, retails for $1119.97 (part number HK-S4-2485KA-STDDK).

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The installation was performed by Graham Adams, owner of Defiant Motorsports in Monroe, GA. (

1. HornBlasters STDDK ships complete with all components, hardware, wire and instructions. It is suggested for you to lay all parts out beforehand to become familiar with the system.

2. It takes approximately two hours to assemble the horn kit to the delete bracket using standard hand tools. A main advantage of this system is you can easily assemble everything in a comfortable workspace and not while lying under the vehicle.

3. Once you lower the truck’s factory spare tire and move it out of the way, the HornBlasters kit can be placed directly under the truck’s spare tire hanger and the metal piece that held the spare tire can be used to pick up STDDK.

4. Reel the STDDK up into place until it touches the bottom of the truck and secure with included rubber isolators and stainless steel safety cables. HornBlasters horns are so loud you can point your STDDK in any direction, but most people point them forward which is the direction of travel.

5. Once in place, the horn kit needs to be wired to the truck. HornBlasters includes the parts needed and provides wiring instructions with a diagram. This wiring process also takes about two hours.

6. An available and useful option for these kits is the ability to also use the STDDK as a fully capable on-board air system. While many customers would say train horns are a practical addition to their trucks, having an air source unit on your vehicle can be useful to fill tires, run pneumatic tools, engage air lockers, inflate beach toys, etc.

7. Finished. Once installed, you’ll be able to use your factory steering wheel horn button to honk your new train horn. HornBlasters provides you with instructions and a switch so you can turn the train horn off (and on) when needed.

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