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Rick Price drives a 2004 Dodge 2500 that he estimates is pushing around 800 hp to the ground. His passion for power started back in 2011 with just an aftermarket tuner and a diesel event in Montana. That was enough to get him hooked.

“That next year I went out and got a FASS fuel system,” he said. “If I am going to be making some power, I will need clean fuel so I won’t hurt the injectors and make sure I am supplying enough fuel to the CP3 pump.”

With his first dyno run under his belt, Price was happy with just the fuel filter upgrade and tuner. At that point he says he was pushing 550 hp … not bad, but he wanted more.

“My next upgrade got me a little more involved with the engine,” he said. “I needed to make sure I wouldn't pop the heads so I purchased ARP head studs.” He then thought, “Well, if I am going to do the head studs, lets go ahead an add some injectors.” So he installed a set of 100 hp Torque diesel injectors.

“At this point I had the green light from my financial adviser (wife) to add a few extra things to the shopping list,” he said. “I did a 72% over BD Diesel CP3 pump, ATS 4000 Aurora Turbo and a S&B cold air intake system.”

So during the next event, Price was excited to see what kind of power he was pushing.

“I hit the dyno and was super excited to hit 680 hp on a small single turbo,” he said. “That next winter I was able to purchase a second turbo, an ATS 7500 (80mm).”

Now, he explained,  it starts getting fun. With the new turbos and lots of fuel the truck gets up and goes like a rocket.

“With all this good stuff going on under the hood, I had to upgrade the drive train just to keep the truck going,” he said. “I started with a South Bend duel disk clutch, but adding the second turbo pushed the clutch past its breaking point, I called the guys at South Bend Clutch and they put together a clutch that would out-perform anything I could threw at it. But it also allowed me to use my truck as a daily driver.”

Running the new clutch, however, Price found out that the NV5600 has a weak point. “I ended up exploding the transmission,” he said. So after doing all the research and looking into the future plans for his truck, Price said he will next install a Fully Built Automatic 48re. 

Truck Rundown: 2004.5 Dodge 5.9L 

Fuel system: BD diesel 72% 12mm Stroker CP3 Pump, FASS 150 Titanium, 100 hp Torque Diesel Injectors

Air system: ATS Aurora compound turbo setup 80mm feeding a 64mm, K&N dry filter, AFE Ram air horn

Suspension system: Super Lift 4-inch Level Kit with custom steering box stabilizer, Custom rear traction bars, Duel Shock front wheel stabilizer

Electronics: Smarty Touch (running the TNT-r programming)

Transmission: To be completed in 2019 with a Fully Built transmission

Wheels and Tires: 20-inch KMC Rockstar 3 with 35-inch Cooper Discovery

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