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Product Install—Peragon Truck Bed Cover

Published in the April 2019 Issue April 2019 Installs, Feature Steve Janes

We own trucks so we can haul stuff. It’s that simple. If we didn’t need to haul a variety of things that don’t fit into automobile trunks, we would drive sports cars. Although we like the convenience of throwing things into the bed of our truck, we still like to be able to protect those things from the elements … and from individuals who tend to like our things more than we do.

Truck tonneau covers are great to protect things and to keep them out of sight. However, sometimes the bed covers can get in the way of big things. So it is nice to have a bed cover that is retractable so you can cover up when you want to but still haul big things when you need to.

Peragon has designed a retractable aluminum truck bed cover that not only protects your stuff, but looks great on the back of your truck. The editors of Diesel Tech have taken the Peragon Truck Bed Cover and installed it (by ourselves … not with help from people who work with actual tools rather than computers and key boards). The process was slick and easy … and it really helps that Peragon provides excellent instructions and an informative installation video that takes you step-by-step through the process.

There are basically three parts to the installation process—assembling the rail frame, attaching the rail frame to the truck, and installing the aluminum panels. The Peragon Truck Bed Cover comes in two boxes to insure nothing gets bent or scratched. One box fits the frame assembly, the other fits the panels.

The installation hardware comes in sealed plastic pouches with pieces for each step separated so you can’t use the wrong parts. (Finally, a company that understands how to package its product to eliminate frustration on the consumer end of the process.) The instructions are easy to follow with clear illustrations of each step. You would have to be an idiot (or an editor) to go wrong … and even then, the installation video online will clear up even the slightest confusion.


1—Frame Assembly. You put this together on your garage floor. There are two rails (driver’s side and passenger side) that are connected with a rail crosspiece. There are a couple of  brackets, bolts and a weather strip that need to be added in this process. Also, you will attach the two panel ramps (using four bolts) that guide the panels into a folded vertical position at the front of the bed when you need to retract the bed cover.

2—Attach Frame Assembly To Truck. This sounds simple … but this is where you ensure your panels will function easily without binding. Peragon has changed some of the mounting brackets to eliminate the need to drill holes in your truck bed. There are six mounting clamps that attach to the front, middle and rear of each side of the bed. Once temporarily attached, you set the frame assembly in position, centering the front and spacing the rear, so you are ready for the panels.

3—Panel Installation. There are a couple of things you need to do to prep your panels (attach two gas spring brackets and insert rubber bumper stops) that takes about five minutes. Then you pick up your panels and insert the rollers into the rails and lock the front panel in place. Now you can pull out the panels to extend the length of your truck bed to facilitate squaring up your frame assemble before tightening the bolts on your bed clamps and adjusting your panel ramps. Once everything is square and moving freely, you install your gas spring by snapping it on the ball studs on the panel and panel ramp.

The Peragon Truck Bed Cover retails at $799 (base price depending on vehicle and accessories). For more information contact www.peragon.com

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