Product Install—Bed Mat

Black Armour Bed Mat Fits Like A Glove

Published in the March 2019 Issue March 2019 Installs, Feature Steve Janes

            We buy pickup trucks for the ease of loading a variety of items in the bed. But often with smaller items, after we drive across town they have somehow managed to crawl their way to the front of the bed, making them difficult to reach. It would be nice to have them stay secure near the tailgate so they are as easy to unload as they were to load.

            Black Armour makes a bed mat that not only provides a cushion for items you throw in the back of your truck, but also reduces their ability to shift. They stay where you put them so they are just as easy to reach as they were to load.

            The Black Armour Bed Mat is made from 100 percent recycled vulcanized rubber. These mats are one-half inch thick and fit perfectly to the contour or your truck bed. They are heavy-duty (with the emphasis on heavy) so they remain in position and offer a rubber cushion for your cargo and strong protection for your bed. The are pretty much indestructible.

            The editors of Diesel Tech Magazine noticed this product at the SEMA show in Las Vegas and immediately recognized the practicality of this product for any diesel truck drivers. We haul stuff and like to keep our load secure. The Black Armour bed mat provides superior traction and features a premium checker-plate texture that looks great while reducing load shift.


            Since the mat is designed to fit perfectly in your truck bed, it’s just a matter of rolling it out into position. Gravity does the rest of the work.

            The bed mat weighs about 100 pounds and since the rubber is soft and flexible, it lays flat in your bed. You could secure it with self-tapping screws if you desire … but we didn’t see that to be necessary. If you go with the tailgate mat, you will want to secure it in place since the tailgate is usually upright.

            The Black Armour Bed Mat offers superior protection to your truck bed. And since it will keep your cargo from shifting around, it also indirectly protects the sidewalls of your bed. And the mats tend to reduce road noise that tends to echo from the truck bed.

            The mats are custom fitted for Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge and Toyota trucks and also have an optional matching tailgate mat.

            The price of the mats varies, depending on where you purchase them and if they have to be shipped (the weight does reflect in increased shipping costs). We’ve found them priced anywhere from $130-$260.



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