Toyo Open Country RTs on TR Hardrock Beadlocks

December 2018 Installs, Feature

Matching tires to wheels to trucks can be quite a challenge. Usually you are either looking for performance first and looks second, or looks first and performance second. But whatever the order, it’s go to be near the top in both categories.

            The editors of Diesel Tech Magazine have been closely monitoring a tire/wheel combination that we felt was near the top in both categories—the Toyo Open Country RT tires (37-inch) on TrailReady Hardrock Beadlock rims (20-inch).

            Brent Willsey, owner of  PowerTech Diesel in Idaho Falls, ID, put this combination on his 2017 Ford F350 Crew Cab Short Box and has tested it for about 10,000 miles.

            “They seem like they are working pretty good,” he explained.

            Although performance is best rated by how little you notice them, Willsey said he’s had zero issues with them. “They are quieter than the (Toyo Open Country) MTs, but they look a lot better than the ATs.”

            Willsey said he was going for the “off road” look on his vehicle and the Open Country RTs have that “mud” look to them without the noise or unstable feel that mud tires have on pavement. “These are good highway tires that work really well off road. The have good traction.”

            When it came to the TR Hardrock wheels, Willsey said that’s not only the look he was going after, but it also helps that they are a quality wheel made in the USA.

            ”They are strong,” he explained. “It's a tough wheel. It's a high-end wheel. I like the company, I like what they're doing, the stuff they're making. The wheel has the right look. The quality and finish is really there. I've never had a problem with them. The wheel and tire are a good combination—37s on 20s make for a nice ride.”

            Although a lot of trucks are going to 22-inch tires, you can still get that off-road look and feel with tires that ride better on pavement.

            The RTs are specifically built for any terrain—off-road performance with on-road comfort. The wide shoulder grooves prevent mud and snow buildup while scalloped shoulder lugs bite into the ground, improving traction off-road. The high turn-up, 3-ply polyester casing strengthens the tire for superb handling and durability, maintaining their load capacity and increasing tread life. They are also designed with aggressive sidewalls and special stone and mud ejectors for outstanding protection and resistance on any terrain.

            Although there are better tires for snow and wet conditions, the RTs still perform well enough to keep your vehicle secure to the surface, regardless of the conditions. You have the best of both worlds—an aggressive tread pattern with a smooth ride. Even after 10,000 miles the tread wear is very even. But you do need to take care of them and rotate them every 5,000 miles.

            As far as rims, Brent said he knew the TR wheels would give his truck the look he wanted—bold, aggressive and clean. The TRs feature a rock solid 3/8-inch thick 6061 T6 billet aluminum clamp ring. To protect the eight gold zinc plated 5/16-inch grade bolts, TrailReady counter bores each hole so you won't be snapping or rounding off the bolt edges.

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