PDD Power Torque Fluid

December 2018 Products, Feature

Power Driven Diesel Power Torque automatic transmission fluid is formulated specifically to work with turbo diesel automatic transmissions. Power Torque ATF uses high-quality synthetic and conventional base stocks combined with a comprehensive additive package engineered for the extreme torque produced by modern turbo diesel engines. 

This premium ATF has been extensively tested and proven superior for transmissions in modified and high-powered trucks.  Standard ATF is designed to work at stock power levels and provide smooth shifting.  When tuners and other aftermarket upgrades are added, standard ATF is no longer ideal for the increased horsepower and torque of a modified diesel engine. 

Power Torque Synthetic Blend ATF will increase the power capacity of diesel automatic transmissions over the OEM recommended fluid.  It reduces clutch slippage producing firmer shifts and stronger converter lockup. Power Driven Diesel uses Power Torque ATF in all its transmission builds ranging from stock power levels to over 2,000 horsepower. 


Website: www.powerdrivendiesel.com

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