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Line-X protects your truck

December 2018 Feature

If you use your truck for work, it means you throw a lot of stuff in the bed. You don’t buy a truck to be gentle so when you toss your gear in, there’s a strong possibility that there will be dings and scratches left in your truck bed.

The best way to protect your truck without coddling it is to apply some sort of bed liner to it. Now there are lots of possibilities—from the popular Line-X and down the list including Rhino, Bullet, Gardit, Reflex or Leanard spray-on liners. Or you could be really cheap and go to Walmart and buy some U-Pol, T-Rex, Al’s Liner or good old Rust-Oleum.

But if you buy a diesel truck for work, then you ought to make certain the stuff you line your bed with also works.

That’s why we took the time to ask Robert Knoll, vice president and director of operations at Driven360, an marketing firm for Line-X, to fill us in on the advantages of applying a quality bed liner.

“The main advantage of a spray-in bedliner is to provide protection for the truck bed against impacts, abrasions, rust and corrosion, Knoll explained. “With many of today’s high-end pickup trucks costing more than $50,000, a spray-on bedliner is a must to keep the vehicle’s cargo area looking and performing at its best, even after years of use and abuse.”

Knoll said that whether you’re a farmer, hunter, contractor, or weekend warrior, spray-on bedliners give truck owners peace of mind that their vehicle is protected against even the harshest conditions imaginable.

“All of Line-X polyurea bedliners have been developed using a proprietary formula to ensure they are the strongest, most durable and best bedliners on the market,” Knoll said. “They are applied using a high-pressure system where the liquid components are heated and combined in the gun to create a zero-VOC polyurea compound that mechanically bonds to the substrate on a molecular level.”

An advantage of going to Line-X is knowing that their technicians have all been highly trained to the application procedure. They know how to carefully prepare the surface before applying the bedliner.

“After the application process, technicians conduct a thorough multi-point inspection to ensure the quality of their work and proper thickness for optimum utility in a truck bed,” Knoll explained. “Line-X offers bedliners that can be color matched, are UV stable, and all come with a lifetime warranty against cracking, bubbling or peeling.”

Line-X isn’t just limited to bedliners. Knoll said that as part of the Line-X “beyond the bedliner” campaign the company is trying to bring attention to the possibilities available for other exterior applications.

“Many truck owners are protecting the most abused parts of their vehicles, like rockers and fender flares, with Line-X,” he explained.

Although you may not coddle your truck, it’s still very dear to you and you want to keep it looking nice. Perhaps you owe it to your vehicle to treat the exterior with a little added protection to keep its body in the kind of shape others can admire.

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Photos: By Mike Cross, Line-X of Conejo Valley, Newbury Park, CA

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