Darcy Hanlan

December 2018 Feature My Truck, Feature

Darcy Hanlan

Sherwood Park, Alberta

1988 Ford Mustang


Darcy took the 1988 Ford Mustang and added a P-Pump Cummins 12-valve engine from a 1994 Dodge Ram 2WD truck. The transmission is a 47RH out of the same truck. The Mustang weighs 3,560 pounds with full interior and has all stock suspension.

It currently gets 35 mpg. Darcy drives it 60 miles round trip to work every day. His goal is to hit 11-second quarter-mile times on mostly stock parts. The entire car was built for $700 (Canadian).

To date he has purchased the Mustang for $1,000 and sold the original engine and trans for $850. He bought the Dodge truck for $1,500 and sold the rolling chassis for $1,250. All other parts were borrowed or used or begged for. The drag radial tires it currently has were bought used.

 “I beat it like a rented mule and drive it every day to work and back,” he explained.

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