Bryce Telfer

2006 Ford F250 6.0L Power Stroke

December 2018 PowerStroke, Feature

            Not all diesel truck enthusiasts have an extensive history and background in the industry. The passion for diesel isn’t necessarily an acquired taste. For some, it’s love at first sight.

            Bryce Telfer of Fort Atkinson, WI, purchased his first diesel truck, a 2006 Ford F250 6.0L Power Stroke, right after he graduated from high school in 2015. Not only is it his first, but thus far it’s his only diesel truck.

            Bryce drives a semi for Miller Beer Distribution and uses his spare time and spare money to improve his ride.

            “It was completely stock when I bought it,” he explained. “Since then I’ve been doing everything [I can afford] to it. It is my daily driver day in and day out.’

            So all installs and improvements have to come during nights and on weekends. He needs it running so he can get to and from work.

            “My dad has a 2004 Ford Excursion with a 6.0L in it and that has made me want to do big things with my truck,” he said.

Bryce has lowered his truck, tinted the windows, added wheels and put lights everywhere. He has also done motor work, turbo, mirrors, grille, tailgate, bumpers added and painted.

“It probably has close to $90,000 [including purchase price] put into it,” he said. “And for most of the work, I have to give a huge shout-out to KD Customs and Kyle Duernberger.”

Bryce has made a lot of the changes to the truck based on personal preferences of how he wanted it to look. Originally he was only going to do minor stuff to the engine—like head studs, EGR delete, etc.

“But then it ended up going way farther than planned,” he confessed. And another huge shout-out to KD Customs (Kyle Duernberger, Mitchel Leu, Gavin Strey, Jeremy Kuhn). “These guys have been a huge part to this build. So thank you.”

The most noticeable difference Bryce found was when he added the Stage 4 Barder 71mm YGT Turbo backed with 250/75 injectors that he just converted to from a 225/100 Rcd Injector.

“This thing is so snappy and hits so hard. I expect it to be between 725 and 750 hp,” he said. “My old setup and old tunes made 705 and 1300 on torque. So I am expecting it to be healthy.”

Bryce admits he loves driving this truck. “It gets me where I need to go. And people love looking at it and asking questions. It makes me proud.”

Likely this story will end just like most high school love stories. Both parties will move on to bigger and better things. In fact, Bryce already has his eyes set on the new Ford 6.7L. “It’s got that super cool body style and all the accessories to go with it.”



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