BD Diesel Hi5 Torque Converter

December 2018 Products, Feature

BD Diesel’s new Hi5 rebuildable torque converter is the diesel competition enthusiast’s dream. The five large-diameter frictional surfaces reduce slippage while the heavy-duty springs absorb the shock of engagement, noise, vibration and harshness.

            The self-centering teeth design increases contact while decreasing wear and chatter. The fully machined piston, billet cover, steel roller thrust bearings, new sprag components and furnace-brazed turbine and impeller fins increase durability, strength and efficiency.

            The Hi5 converters are fully rebuildable between races, at the track or back at the garage. This saves on freight, time and the cost of sending out a converter to a rebuilder. Also, this gives you the opportunity to try different stators.

            The Hi5 converters fit either 6- or 12-bolt flex plates and include a bell housing spacer and dowels for a bolt-in fit.



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