Banks Ram-Air for 2017 Duramax L5P 2500/3500

Emissions compliant cold air intake with new over-sized filter outflows the competition

December 2018 Feature

Banks Power introduces the latest in its Ram-Air family of emissions compliant performance cold air intakes. The new system is designed to give the Duramax L5P exceptional horsepower and reliability by providing the engine with increased air density, airflow and the best filtration available.

The Ram-Air adds a tested best-in-class airflow gain of 352 CFM over stock and 32 CFM over its closest competitor. The added flow results in a gain of 19.6 hp on a stock engine. When combined with the Banks Derringer L5P inline tuner, the system adds a best power gain of 82.4 hp and a peak power gain of 80.9 hp at the wheels.

The key to making more power in any naturally aspirated or forced induction engine is by feeding it cold, dense, oxygen-rich air, thereby increasing Manifold Air Density. The new Ram-Air system provides this cool air by drawing it in from the exterior of the vehicle through the L5P’s hood scoop and vented fender wells. Its durable molded plastic housing is fully enclosed, keeping power-robbing hot air in the engine bay where it belongs and not in the intake system. At the heart of the Ram-Air is Banks’ new filter element which is the largest and least restrictive in its class. Like all Banks Ram-Air intakes, the system was designed in CAD using computational fluid dynamics, followed by rigorous testing on the flow bench, dynamometer and on-road driving.

Available in both oiled and dry variations, Banks’ new Ram-Air filters offer more surface area than its closest competitor. Superior filtration is accomplished by using a proprietary multi-layer woven cloth that keeps even the finest dirt and debris out of the intake system while providing maximum airflow.

The Banks Ram-Air cold air intake system (Part No. 42249 with oiled filter) (Part No. 42249-D with dry filter) is CARB compliant (E.O. D-161-118), fits all 2017-2019 GM 6.6L Duramax 2500/3500 pickup trucks.

Price: $388. Website:


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