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Published in the July 2018 Issue July 2018 Products

Tested on: 2016 Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel Mega Cab 4x4

Size Tested: LT275/65R20

Section Width: 11 in.

Overall Diameter: 34.3 in.

Tread Depth: 19/32 in.

Ply: 10

Load Range: E

Speed Rating: Q

Street Price: $298.99 on


Nexen Tire’s new light truck Roadian MTX offering is unique among mud-terrain tires. Sure, it has an aggressive tread pattern that gives the tire a solid blend of traction on and off road. It also features mud bars between the outer tread blocks that help prevent mud from caking in between the tread blocks. These also seem to keep the wedged pebbles between tread blocks to a minimum.

There are three aspects of this tire that really stood out in our test period.

First, the dual sidewall design is pretty cool. Each Roadian MTX tire features two sidewall designs––Beast and Machine. It’s easy to see why the Beast design earned its name. The protruding “fangs” on the sidewall give the tire a very aggressive look on any vehicle. On the flip side, the Machine sidewall is equally aggressive in appearance and function, but with more of a block look. This feature lets you choose the look you want (and even change the look a few times during the life of the tire).

Second, the noise. Mud terrain tires are inherently noisy on the highway. The typically open spacing and big block edges hammer the asphalt and chop air, leaving you to turn up the stereo higher or talk louder over the noise. We were surprised at how much less noisy the Roadian MTX was than we anticipated. The J-shape center lugs and curved outer lugs of the tread pattern reduce noise on the road surface, but maintain a sharp bite in the mud, snow and dirt.

Finally, the Roadian MTX was surprisingly easy to balance. Compared to some more-expensive mud terrains we’ve ran on this same vehicle, the Nexen tires balanced easily the first time and have yet to develop any wobble or vibration. We’ve ran this set of tires on two different sets of wheels with the same result. With troublesome balancing experiences in the past, that is a welcome side benefit.

Performance-wise, the Roadian MTX is a solid multi-use, mud terrain tire. We’re not doing any swamp bogging, but the tire has pulled our truck and gooseneck trailer through some sloppy spring mud in the mountains. At the same time, it has a great feel at freeway speeds on the open road. It handles the load of a 12,000-pound trailer without a wander or shudder, and enhances the look that we value as truck guys.

For more information, see your local Nexen Tire dealer or visit


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