K-Trans F1 Filter Adapter

May 2018 Products, Feature

K-Trans has introduced the F1 Adapter for Duramax Trucks. This adapter enables owners of Chevrolet Duramax Diesel engines to economically upgrade to their Oil Filtration Systems to a Caterpillar Oil filter.

Many people have already found that the K-Trans F1 adapter is designed to fill the place where an owner wants better filtration but does not want the expense of a bypass system. With a Caterpillar Filter a person can increase the filtration, oil flow and filters continuously through the oil change interval in a diesel powered truck. The change to a Caterpillar filter has also been attributed to a quieter engine due to increased oil flow. Cleaner oil is even noticed on the dip stick even after a couple hundred miles.

K-Trans offers a wide range of products designed to provide better filtration with Caterpillar filters, including adapters for the Ford 7.3, Ford 6.7 and GM 6.5. Filtration is the key to keeping a diesel running. K-Trans says this is the most practical, affordable  filter available. It uses the stock filter housing whenever practical, with no hoses or frame mountings.

A bypass system can cost you upwards of $300. A cleanable full flow filter can be towards $500. The K-Trans adapter is $54.95, which allows you to use the filter from Caterpillar which costs $17.45 and is available just about everywhere.

For more information go to www.karenstransport.com


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