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Superior Load-Leveling Meets True Durability

Air Lift Company has successfully expounded on its suspension support product innovation with its new LoadLifter 5000(tm) Ultimate Plus air spring suspension line. This product takes all the benefits found in previous Air Lift load support products and adds upgraded, top-quality components promised to be the longest-lasting on the market.  These include stainless steel mounting hardware, roll plates, braided air line, and military-grade AN fittings that thread together for a metal-to-metal seal. Adding LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus air springs to hard-working 1/2-, 3/4-, and 1-ton trucks will help evenly distribute the load’s weight to each wheel, eliminating poor braking, unresponsive steering and trailer sway that come as a result of vehicle squat. Standard installation can typically be done in two hours or less. (800-248-0892 // 

Make Light of the Night

Baja Designs has introduced its new XL80 LED light system rated at 9500 lumens. This light features a high-powered LED and reflector assembly and is offered in multiple, user-changeable lens pattern options. It produces a Daylight natural light and is driven at 100% capacity. It also has a nearly 50,000-hour life span! The XL80 is waterproof and dust-resistant and is also available with a mounting bracket, which includes the wiring harness, and amber lenses. (760-650-2252 //

Turn Up the Turbo

BD’s Rumble B SX-E is a new product that provides a complete performance replacement of the stock Holset turbo that reduces EGT’s and high turbo drive pressures. It’s easier on the head gasket, letting your engine enjoy a longer life thanks to these quick spooling turbos which are designed to handle up to 700HP. Claiming to be the most complete bolt-kit on the market, BD’s Rumble B SX-E is street and track performance tested and approved. 

(800-877-5030 //

Store Away

DECKED releases new storage system

Whether it’s your daily driver, your foundation for work, or an avenue for adventure, extra storage space is always welcome on a truck. With DECKED’s In-Vehicle Storage Systems, you can have storage for tools and gear without impeding full use of your truck’s cargo area since the deck sits about a foot above the bed. The innovative system features a high-density polyethylene deck and two lockable storage drawers that stretch the full length of the bed, sliding out on four industrial-grade wheels. Durability is a given, as the deck and drawers are secured to a subframe made from 70 pounds of American-made galvanized steel and the system is impervious to chemicals and extreme temperatures. The deck load is rated up to 2,000 pounds, while the drawers handle up to 200 pounds each. Other features include a center I-beam with integrated rain gutter, “Ammo” cans in each corner for additional storage, and built-in bottle opener. The system is simple to install (no drilling required), comes with all necessary hardware, is covered by a three-year limited warranty, and is available for most late model GM, Ford, and Dodge/Ram full-size trucks. (208-806-0251 //

Insight Unlock is In Sight for Chassis Cab Trucks

Edge Products’ 2013-2017 Cummins Unlock Insight CTS2 finally supports the Chassis Cab trucks.  The Insight Unlock is a shop tool that can be reset for a fee to unlock multiple trucks, and it also has the ability to unlock your ECU for tuning support. Updating the current inventory to support C&C can be done through Fusion Update Software. Dealers can unlock a customer’s truck and retain both the Insight and cable to be used on another 13-17 Cummins with support from the tech team. The cost to unlock another truck, using the same device, will be $169.95.

(888-360-3343 //

Now Environmentally Friendly

Thanks to a new high-performance formula with natural ingredients, E-ZOIL has succeeded in making an environmentally friendly hand cleaner that quickly eliminates dirt and grime. But Hardy Wipes doesn’t stop there—it’s a combined hand, tool and surface towel with an abrasive side for cutting through soils and a smooth side for wiping surfaces clean. (716-213-0106 //

Protect Your Engine

With Mishimoto’s Baffled Oil Catch Can Kit

This direct-fit, baffled oil catch can kit from Mishimoto provides excellent protection for your engine, cutting down on the blow-by down and stretching out your engine’s need for valve servicing. Designed for the 2009+ Dodge Ram 5.7L V8, this product comes in a larger 7.5-ounce size with internal baffling, air diverters, and a 50-micron bronze filter to keep oil out of your intake and carbon deposits off your valves. The bracket included in each kit is constructed from thick steel, bolting directly to your radiator support for a clean OEM look. Protected by the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty, the Dodge Ram 5.7L Baffled Oil Catch Can filters and cans are fully serviceable and can be installed in under an hour. (877-466-4744 // 

Start Your Engines

For 2011-2016 engine transplant applications, PPE’s new VATS Authorization Module will eliminate the GM security “Engine No Start” condition and authorize the engine computer to start the engine. There’s no need for Body Control Module related security keys or complicated wiring; all you need are four wires: ignition, ground, GMLAN+ and GMLAN. 

Along with the simple four-wire hookup, other features include a plug-and-play auto learning feature for MY11-MY14 LML and a small package format that can be bundled directly with the ECM harness.  (714-985-4825 //

Precision Industries Releases New Torque Converter

Precision Industries recently added a newcomer to its unique line of products—the 6R140 multi-disk 3-plate torque converter. Now available for 2010 and older Ford 6.7L trucks, over a year went into developing and testing this product. The 6R140 torque converter offers added performance to turn tires, cut down transmission temperatures, ramp up fuel efficiency, and offers a wide variety of stall speeds depending on your needs to complement the one free re-stall within the first two years of purchase. Its

design includes an upgraded impeller and turbine assembly design and 150 square inches of clutch contact area for greater holding under tough conditions. For a clear difference in the drivability of your truck, the 6R140 torque converter is backed by a long-lasting warranty. (800-649-7866 //

Rancho Breaks Out New Suspension Systems

If you’re an owner of a late model Dodge Ram 1500 pickup using EcoDiesel technology, you can now enjoy the increased performance benefits of a lifted ride with the new Rancho 4-inch suspension system, engineered for 2013-17 Ram 1500 4WD trucks. Now available through automotive performance retailers nationwide, each kit includes Rancho’s fully boxed welded subframe and ductile iron extended-length steering knuckles. Other parts include a pair of inner and outer tie rod ends, brake lines, sway bar extensions, rear extended-length coil springs, and other required hardware for installation. Engineered to accommodate up to 35-inch tires with minor trimming, each suspension kit offers uncompromising on- and off-road performance and is backed by Rancho’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. (734-384-7804 // 

Wheel Appeal

Metal Lugz Lug Nut Sets from Summit Racing feature top-of-the-line construction combined with cutting-edge designs to create a unique look for your wheels. Features include: carbon steel construction, advanced rust-inhibiting technology, more finishing coats to prevent chipping and scratching, 1-piece design for reliable grip, chrome or black finish, a lug nut profile that fits most aftermarket wheels, and a special socket key for easy installation and added security. The two sets are Spiked Lugz and Hex Bolt Lugz, and are available in varying lengths and quantities. 

(800-230-3030 //

Wilwood Recalls Select Tandem Master Cylinders

Wilwood Disc Brakes has issued a recall for certain 7/8-inch-bore tandem master cylinders due to a manufacturing defect. The recall is specific to these part numbers:

260-9439, 260-12900, 261-13271 (with proportioning valve), 261-13272 (with proportioning valve). The cylinders come in different finishes, indicated by a suffix, such as BK (plain black) or P (ball burnished).

These parts were distributed between January 2, 2006 and October 31, 2016. Affected customers must contact Wilwood directly to obtain replacements. Contact them at 

805-384-2270 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST, Mon-Fri or email For full details of the recall please visit

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