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Published in the September 2017 Issue August 2018 Feature Austa Cook

Montana may be officially known as the Big Sky state, but you could say it’s unofficially known for trucks as far as the eye can see. 

“I grew up in Montana where pretty much everyone has a 4-wheel drive and my dad has always had big diesel trucks,” shares industry enthusiast KT Joy. “A memory of mine from a very small age is the sound of a diesel truck coming up our mile-long driveway and knowing Dad was home. He would always modify them, lift them, put more power into them, and I fell in love then.”

Despite swapping through models, KT’s father always drove a Cummins so she’s been familiar with the brand since she was little.

“Like father, like daughter, I suppose,” she jokes. “I’ve stuck to it ever since.”

Today you’ll find KT behind the wheel of her 2007 2500 5.9L Mega Cab Cummins, nicknamed [Nichole]. Along with their diesel-driving dad, her younger brother also drives a lifted Mega Cab.

“You can definitely say it's a family hobby and we all support each other,” she says with a grin. 

When it comes to her own Cummins, KT doesn’t stop at using her truck as just her daily driver. 

“I use her for everything. Whether it's me and all my girls going out here in Vegas on a Friday night, or taking her off-road for a little muddy fun, or being the friend that can haul pretty much anything, [Nichole] and I will be there,” grins KT. 

Being 5 feet, 10 inches tall herself, one of the first modifications she thought of after first finding her Dodge Ram was a 6-inch Pro Comp lift. 

“I’m used to being taller than a lot of people so I guess I needed my truck to be taller than most too, which is why she's lifted,” she jokes.

KT also invested in a FASS fuel system and Edge Programmer for ramping up her diesel’s power and performance. These are modifications she appreciates every time she turns the key and hears her Cummins roar. 

“The FASS Fuel system and Edge programmer are great! My truck runs top notch and my Edge programmer always lets me know how my truck is running. Especially living in Las Vegas in crazy heat a few months out of the year, it's good to know how hot you're running,” KT points out. 

Her ride has also been outfitted with massive 37- by 13.5- by 20-inch Toyo R/T’s wrapped around 20-inch Fuel Offroad rims, perfect for finding that balance between rugged off-road handling and on-road ease. Upgraded LED headlights, taillights, and attention-grabbing Industrial Grade Products light bars make sure this truck stands out at night, while the pink detailing and custom front bumper by Alter Ego Customs do the job under the hot Nevada sun. 

“I decided to get a 7-inch stack and powdercoat it pink, along with the wheel caps, part of the bumper and grille, so people would stop asking me if it was my boyfriend's truck,” KT laughs. “It's cool to be a part of an industry that is dominated by males, and for the most part a lot of them are accepting and supportive (unless your truck is bigger than theirs, lol). I would say the only challenge is knowing your stuff, and not just being a pretty girl in a truck.”

Always being immersed in the diesel world has fed KT’s passion for embracing this particular lifestyle. And as a bonus, it hasn’t been short on laughs. 

“It's funny how boys tend to have word vomit when you roll up in a truck bigger than theirs,” KT grins. “I was stopped in a left turn lane and a truck full of guys rolled up next to me in the straight lane, windows down. The one in the driver's seat said, ‘Let's see ya roll some coal!’ I'm not one to give into peer pressure so I said, ‘No, thanks.’ One of the guys in the back shouted, ‘I bet it doesn't even dump anyway!’ Both lights turned green and I stepped on it, cut them off, blacked out the intersection and waited for them at the next light. They rolled up and the driver asked me to marry him. I said he'd have to catch me and it doesn't look like he can.”

To all the diesel gals out there, KT points out, “Be supportive to other girls in the industry. It's us against all these boys, so let's stick together! I've been lucky enough to be a part of a great female empowering diesel group called Diesel Hotties and I would suggest trying to get involved in any similar groups.”

Karen Clement is the owner and creator of both Diesel Hotties and B&B Snapshots. She adds, “For our 2018 calendar we’re producing this year, we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to Pink Cares of the Eastern Shore. They are a foundation that helps local patients fighting cancer with financial needs.” 

In the meantime, you can follow KT’s build as it evolves by checking out her Instagram account @kt_withthat_pinkstack. And if you’ve been teasing around different modification ideas but aren’t sure whether you should commit the money and go through with it, take a wrench from KT’s toolbox and jump all-in. As she puts it, “Do what you want, not what’s trendy or what people say you should. It's your truck so whatever makes you happy, then go for it. And if it just happens to be a giant pink stack coming out of the back, then so be it.” 

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