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ST--Air Lift Company

Heavier Duty, Lighter Load 

Air Lift Company’s brand-new product line, the LoadLifter 7500 XL, is now available for the 2000-2010 GM 2500HD and 3500 pickups. With all the same benefits as other Air Lift load support products, the LoadLifter 7500 XL is the heaviest-duty, providing up to 7,500 pounds of load leveling capacity, but at a lower air pressure for a more comfortable ride. The featured pair of massive air springs eliminate many common problems with towing, facilitating a safer towing experience. Other features of this product are exclusive upper and lower roll plates, which protect the air springs from sharp edges while increasing the load capacity by 10 percent. The LoadLifter 7500 XL is adjustable for any weight, requires no drilling into the vehicle frame, and is compatible with most fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches.

(800-248-0892 //

ST—BD Diesel  

Divided Manifold Design 

BD Diesel has introduced a new fully-divided pulse manifold design for 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L diesel engines which replaces the stock manifolds with T4 turbochargers for those wanting to upgrade to the S300 or S400 units. The turbocharger stays in the same stock location with a T4 mount and is great for stock and performance installations. It is predrilled for pyrometer probes with high ductile iron to withstand extreme temperatures and vibration and prevent cracking or exhaust leaks. It has a quicker turbo start-up with reduced back pressure, providing you with a smoother ride. 

(800-877-5030 //


EFILive Will Soon Support Cummins HD Tuning

You asked for it and EFILive delivered! Cummins fans have long awaited the time when EFILive would support tuning for their beloved trucks. Even as recently as last December’s PRI Expo, we went to a seminar they put on and people were clamoring for it. At the time, they had nothing to announce, but EFILive has now announced that beta testing has begun for “approximately 20 different engines used in 2010-2017 based vehicles” across two categories: on-highway and off-highway. On-highway will cover big rig, heavy duty, medium duty, light commercial and bus and RV applications, while off-highway will cover agriculture, construction, fire and emergency, marine, mining, power generation and rail applications. Three controllers, the CM2350A, CM2250, and CM2220, are supported in the beta phase.

“A range of vehicles have already been tuned in our first phase of testing. Our comprehensive beta testing program is now scheduled to expand to continue and refine support across this vast selection of vehicles.

“The available tuning parameters compare to EFILive's existing late-model Cummins support including control over injection events, turbo and RPM parameters. EFILive's CSP switchable tuning support is also in development for on-highway applications.    Additional Cummins HD controllers are presently under consideration for future support.
“EFILive has developed unique hardware for the Cummins HD market. FlashScan HD and AutoCal HD will be added to the EFILive suite of products upon public release. HD products are easily identifiable by the red case and custom label. Cummins HD support will only be available on FlashScan HD and AutoCal HD hardware given vehicle connection cables and communications protocols are unique to this market.” (

ST—Hot Shot’s Secret

The Secret’s Out

What’s Hot Shot’s Secret’s newest secret? Diesel Extreme, the solution to engine loss and power over time. Its high-quality properties clean out fuel tanks, lines, and injectors, remove moisture, boost cetane, lubricate the fuel pump and injectors, neutralize acid, and restore fuel economy and power back to the vehicle’s original performance, all in just one dose! Diesel Extreme is made to provide maximum performance while cleaning the fuel system and removes all types of Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDIDs), including waxy and polymeric deposits, which results in complete fuel burn and increased efficiency. Diesel Extreme is extremely effective in diesel fuels for improving combustion and ignition efficiency, enhancing fuel economy, and maintaining fuel in a clean, stabilized condition. It is also safe in all diesel engines.

(800-341-6516 //


Mount Your Lights

Larson Electronics has announced a new no-drill magnetic mounting plate for Ford F250-F550 Super Duty aluminum body trucks. The plate is specifically designed for magnetically-mounted spotlights. It’s installed via the read cab light and doesn’t require any drilling. You simply remove the screws holding the light in place and set the plate between the light and the cab, then replace the screws. The plate features a weatherproof seal to protect the wiring of the cab light, and rubber guards on the bottom to protect the truck’s roof from damage by the plate itself.

“The last thing you want to do is put unnecessary holes in your nice truck,” says Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “These Ford F250-F550 mounting plates create a convenient way for operators to mount their spotlights without having to drill into their truck, making it perfect for use with their work or lease vehicles.”

(800-369-6671 //


PurePower Joins With Alliant Power

PurePower Technologies and Alliant Power have announced that they have entered a joint agreement to have Alliant distribute PurePower’s injectors. The move will allow PurePower to supply their full line of high-precision diesel fuel injectors to Alliant for distribution throughout their network. Jerry Sweetland, president and CEO of PurePower, said, “This distribution agreement with Alliant Power, the leading supplier of replacement engine components for diesel-powered vehicles and equipment, really opens up another new distribution channel for us. This is a vital step in our strategic plan to continue our aggressive growth and expansion into new markets throughout the country.”

( //


Degas Your 7.3L

Sinister Diesel has released its new Degas Coolant Overflow bottle for the Ford 7.3L Power Stroke, joining the previously available 6.0L version. The bottle is made out of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum that has been TIG welded and pressure tested for maximum strength. This process makes the Sinister bottles much more durable than the factory version, which are molded from plastic pieces that are prone to cracking and leaking. Another benefit of the aluminum construction is that it dissipates heat more efficiently than plastic, which contributes to better performance and longevity.

The degas bottle features a sight glass for simple level inspection and is a bolt-on replacement for the stock reservoir that can be installed in less than 30 minutes. The bottle is available in a raw finish of powder coated in Sinister’s well-known Sinister Blue. (888-995-0766 //

ST—Snap On 

Light It Up

Snap On ECARA052 and CTLAR761 rechargeable cordless lights are the perfect fit for techs in need of a work light with intelligent lighting control and variable brightness. These products feature a brightness that exceeds 500 lumens, but that can be adjusted to whatever perfect lighting a situation demands. The battery gauges on each of these lights let the user know how much battery fuel is available and an intelligent lighting system visibly warns the user when there is less than five percent remaining power. The design incorporates a pivoting light bar and ergonomic grip that make it extremely comfortable, and they both come with a hook and magnetic attachments. 

(877-762-7664 //


Not Quite Exhausted

The Gibson Metal Mulisha Exhaust System from Summit Racing has the maximum horsepower and torque gain that you’re looking for to give a voice to your full-size truck or Jeep. Features of this system are baffled and chambered high-flow turbo-style mufflers, large mandrel-bent intermediate tubing and tail pipes, rolled edge exhaust tips with black ceramic finish, and minimal interior drone. Hardware and factory-style hangers for hassle-free installation come along with the systems and a manufacturer lifetime warranty is included.

(800-230-3030 //

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