DT TESTED No. 31: Husky FloorLiners

September 2017 Feature, Products DT Staff

The beauty of a good, solid diesel is best accentuated with mud. These are machines designed for heavy use, heavy hauling, and performance in heavy terrain. That having been said, with all the time and money we put into our trucks to polish them inside and out, all that mud, sand and snow is better under the tires than in the cab. This is where Husky’s X-act Contour liners step in to catch the crud and keep our sweet rides protected.

One of the first things that stands out with the X-act Contour is the amazingly molded fit to the space. In our test, the three sections (separate sections for driver’s section, mid hump, and passenger side) all filled their respective spaces in a way that wedges them into place perfectly, almost. Though the fit is exceptionally good, the FormFit Edge is now folded in semi-permanently in one three-inch spot where the driver’s side door has continually caught it and pulled it inward over the last six months. Other than that cosmetic detail, the fit really does match the contours of the cab floor very well. If I did not know better, I would have thought the center section was the genuine floor rather than a liner.

In terms of performance, the deep grooves of the mat, combined with the significantly raised FormFit edges trap and contain mud, snow and everything else extremely well. Nothing spills over the berm, and the significant overlap between sections means any mud would have to go pretty far uphill to get into the gaps. The deep channeling lets water drain off your boots into the grooves while still providing a solid surface for your feet to rest on. They catch the gunk well, almost too well. Short of a pressure hose, getting the liners clean again is a bit of a chore. But with a pressure washer they come out looking like new.

One of my personal favorite things about the X-act liners is the material. The high-grip heavy rubber is flexible and pleasant underfoot, does not slide, and keeps your feet from slipping the way they would on a more plastic-like floor liner. Other selling points are their American-made quality and the fact that these liners are guaranteed for life. Prices vary as they are custom to every make and model, but on a 2016 RAM 3500 with crew cab, the front seat liners run for $119.95 with an extra $64.95 for the center hump. That cost is worth it, especially if you’d rather keep the mud outside and under the tires.

Product Score 94

Application 19/20

Function 48/50

Durability 10/10

Design 9/10

Price 8/10


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