Compound Turbos

Published in the September 2017 Issue August 2018 Feature Joseph Bjork

The word turbo kind of says it all: take the existing engine and ramp up the power with a pressure boost. Here we have a selection of manufacturers offering various kits you can use to soup up your truck. This isn’t all that’s out there, but it’ll give you a taste of the possibilities. A word of caution: make sure to check your local laws before installing one of these systems in a truck intended for the streets.

BD Diesel Performance

BD Diesel's engineers have designed and tested each of the 800, 1000, 1200 and 1400 fly wheel Cobra Twin Turbo kits for maximum power and efficiency. Borg Warner's SX-E turbos were matched to provide the wide range of air needed for use in Street and Strip performance applications, and this Cobra kit includes everything needed for bolt-on next-level performance. It’s a compact, clean, space-optimized design that keeps air conditioning, both batteries and shock tower in their stock positions!

The kit includes BD’s waste-gate-ready exhaust manifold, exclusive cast divided T6 hot pipe turbo connection that improves turbo response and top end flow, the Cobra Head 5-inch close-radius turbo exhaust outlet casting, 5-inch downpipe, rigid steel piping with V-bands, custom coolant tube, formed silicone hoses, 5-inch Velocity stack air filter with fresh air filter shroud, and all necessary hardware to make for a complete, no-fabrication-required install. Coverage for Dodge Ram 2003-2012 5.9L/6.7 Cummins engines. (800-887-5030/

Diesel Power Source

The Diesel Power Source “Monster Compounds” are completely ready to bolt on and are equipped with a 66mm turbo over an S483 capable of 1200 horsepower. In this kit, both turbos (66mm and the S483 turbo) come with a Billet Milled Wheel and race compressor cover designed using the latest in Computation Fluid Dynamic testing. Using a T-3 manifold and waste gate turbo greatly assists with turbo spool up and drivability that is typically uncommon at such high horsepower. This kit is specifically designed to fit in Dodge trucks with a Cummins engine and also Ford trucks with a Cummins Conversion (Fummins). The kit allows you to retain your battery, air conditioning lines, etc. Designed for trucks between 1994-2007, this kit can be installed on trucks up to 2012 that have been previously deleted. (801-930-8404/



This Hypermax dynamometer-developed turbocharger system improves the already impressive performance of the 7.3L International/Navistar diesel engine with an increase of up to 50 percent more power! Throttle vehicle fuel economy is comparable to a naturally aspirated engine. Combustion noise and cold smoke are reduced as well. The Hypermax turbocharger system is optimized for 1988-1994 International S-Series trucks with 7.3L International/Navistar diesel and 5-speed manual transmission. The installed compound system makes over 150 psi of boost, allowing the truck to run at 6,000 RPM and make over 2000hp. (847-428-5655/


If you are looking to make record-breaking horsepower and torque, then here’s your next big thing: the Big Compound Race Kit from PPE for the GM 6.6L. Capable of supporting 1700 hp, this kit includes everything that their smaller kit has, with the added airflow from the larger turbos, as well as a reinforced intercooler to handle the higher boost pressures. The Big Race Kit is hand-built for your engine, with the option to size the turbos according to your specific needs.

PPE also makes a large frame turbo installation kit to support a Duramax turbo assembly on a custom cast pedestal rather than dumping all that weight on the tubing. These pedestals are cast from the same high-sil moly material as their Race High Flow Exhaust Manifolds, and the kit was specifically designed to support the weight of any T4-based turbocharger. (714-985-4825/

Screamin Diesel Performance

One of many options from SDP, this compound turbo kit allows you to either keep your factory turbo in place, or upgrade to the much higher flowing S366SXE high pressure turbo. Ideal for a truck that still daily drives and tows, this turbo kit will perform in all areas while keeping EGTs substantially lower. With these compound turbo kits you get the best of both worlds, quick responsiveness with more airflow in the upper RPM range. This kit features a CNC-machined high-flowing billet Y-bridge, a custom coolant expansion tank that is fully operational for a daily-driven truck with low level sensor and coated to match, all new intercooler plumbing with high end connections to ensure a leak free seal etc. All fabrication, CNC machine work and powder coating are done in house at SDP to ensure the highest level of quality. Having been in business manufacturing custom Duramax compound turbo kits since 2009, SDP's experience allows them to provide expert information and the highest quality parts you need to reach your build goals. (360-417-9000/

Stainless Diesel

The Knuckle Sandwich 400/400 race-ready twin turbo kit packs a serious punch with enough air to support 1450 hp! Stainless Diesel compound turbo piping kits offer superior strength and durability with high-strength CNC-milled flanges, aluminized mild steel piping, and TIG welding. These compound turbos utilize hot pipe and short stretch technology for maximum heat retention. You won’t find any rubber hoses or plastic pipes in these kits. Their twin kits are strong enough for 100 pounds of boost anytime for many years. Known in the industry to be one of the best in fitment, all Stainless Diesel kits are built off of an engine-exact jig. All boots included are Stainless’s very own five-layer extreme duty boots. For added flair and durability, Stainless offers a color powder coat option, so you can customize the look of your project truck inside and out. 

(269-268-2223 /


Wehrli Custom Fabrication compound turbo kits for the 2001-2016 Duramax have become one of the most popular upgrades for daily drivers and towing rigs. Compounding over your factory turbocharger has been proven to provide cooler EGTs and increased power across the RPM range, all while allowing the use and function of the factory turbine brake feature, and one of the nicest features of compounding over your factory turbocharger is that the truck will not have any additional turbo lag or loss of spool up, which is common with a larger single turbo upgrade. The truck will have instant response and boost just as it does with only the factory turbo, but more efficient across a wider range, with cooler EGTs Every WCFab turbo kit is hand-built in-house by Wehrli’s experienced fabricators and welders. Every component is built and test fitted on their jigs to ensure proper fitment. All tubing is TIG welded and the mating flanges are CNC-machined with O-ring seals where necessary for a boost-leak-free setup. They are a great all-around setup for towing, the weekend warrior, truck pulling competition, or racing. (630-277-8239 //

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