Talk'n Torque: Living In A Wrapped World

May 2017 Column, Feature Brady L. Kay

If you knew nothing about me you’d probably assume I wear bright colored socks, I’m the loudest guy at the party and I’m constantly looking for ways to shine the biggest spotlight I can find on yours truly. But don’t let the wrap on my diesel truck fool you; my goal in life is basically not to stand out in a crowd and of course when it comes to my truck I’m clearly doing the opposite.

Thanks to Wrap World Inc., in Boise, Idaho, who designed and wrapped my truck, I can’t go anywhere in our little town without getting spotted. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. The aggressive wrap—complete with some intense-looking skulls—has become my alter ego, and despite all the attention it gets from other vehicles on the road or from kids coming wanting to get their picture taken in front of it, after a year or so I’ve kind of forgotten just how different it really is.

The other day as I was walking through the parking lot at Diesel Tech headquarters with graphic artist R.D. Dye, I paused to look at a car with a nice display of cheesy bumper stickers. I made some smart aleck remark about how it’s a little pathetic when people cover up their cars with decals to show loyalty to something. That’s when R.D. loudly cleared his throat and then gestured toward my truck and smiled.

I had to laugh because I honestly didn’t connect the dots until he rightfully pointed out that not only does my truck show off my loyalties, but it’s way more aggressive than this poor car I was picking on.

Vehicle wraps are becoming more and more common and we’re not just talking about commercial vehicles or those owners looking to promote a business. This also includes average Joes who don’t want their truck to look like every other white pickup out there.

From a creative perspective, the sky really is the limit on what you can do to your truck. Speaking of the sky, I saw a beautiful wrap at SEMA last year on a truck that was wrapped like the galaxy. Attendees just assumed the truck was painted (after all, this is SEMA), but it was actually a full wrap like mine that had been done very well.    

Because of the popularity, more and more automotive-based companies are adding vehicle wraps to their lists of services. Recently I met Bruce Aron, the shop manager at Wraptor in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He was curious about my wrap and wanted to take a closer look and soon our conversation turned to what Wraptor ( has to offer.

This company specializes in vehicle wraps, both full and partial, to complement its other services that include auto restyling, windshield repair/replacement, tinting, Plasti Dip, clear film, detailing, etc. Wraptor is also an authorized Katzkin dealer. It’s all done in-house, including the design work which helps make Wraptor a great option for those truck owners looking to create their own custom look.

“There are others doing wraps, but they’re sign companies,” says Bruce. “For us it’s our passion and we pride ourselves on being perfectionists.”

From conservative wraps to overly aggressive designs like what I have on my own truck, all wrap companies are keeping busy these days. Plus, besides the unique look, it’s nice to know that with a full wrap your paint is protected underneath from the elements including weather as well as rock chips. It’s a great way to protect your investment while also standing out in a crowd wherever you go, that is, if that’s what you’re going for. If you’re not living in a wrapped world, maybe you should be.  


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