Is That A Ford Badge On A Chevy?

May 2017 Feature Trevor Mason

As is the situation anytime a test vehicle is spotted out in the wild, you have to take any information with a grain of salt. Because they’re usually camouflaged if not fully covered with panels to cover up their features, feverish speculation is the best you can expect. This latest batch of spy shots, courtesy of the Chevrolet Forum, give a tiny glimpse of what could be coming down the road for the Chevy line. But man, that sure looks like there’s a Ford oval on the front of this 2019 Silverado prototype, doesn’t it?

Now, who knows what’s actually going on under there? It’s really anybody’s guess. The spy shots also catch a peek at the new headlights, as well as a couple views of the interior. A lot of it seems similar to the current iteration of the Silverado, but that oval, man. THAT OVAL. What’s the deal? Head on over to the Chevrolet Forum to see the rest of the shots.

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