2017 Salute The Troops Is Underway!

March 2017 Feature Trevor Mason

It's time once again to hear from our brave servicemen and women in the military! As you may be aware, every year our July “Salute The Troops” issue is focused on the men and women in uniform who give up their time, families, and sometimes even their lives to protect this great country, both at home and abroad. To that end, we want to hear from those of you who have served or are currently serving and have a modified diesel truck and tell your stories in the magazine. If that’s you, or you know someone who fits the bill, get in touch! Send an email to trucks@dieseltechmag.com or to me personally at trevor@dieseltechmag.com. You can also go to the Trucks Next Door form up in the header bar (or click here) and submit your information that way (just make sure to mention in there somewhere that it’s for the July issue). 

That’s not all! If you aren’t a veteran or active duty military, we still want to hear from you! As I mentioned, that Trucks Next Door form is always there, waiting for reader submissions. If you’ve got a badass truck you’ve been wanting to get exposure for, that’s a great way to do it. Also, we love hearing from our female readers to feature in our monthly Power Of Pink column. If you’re a diesel chick with a truck that puts your guy friends to shame, we want to hear from you, too!

Finally, we’ve been gaining a lot of traction on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so hit us up over there when you have a question and we’ll try our best to get back to you promptly. Keep reaching for that green pump!

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