The Ultimate Callout Challenge Is Coming Soon!

February 2017 Feature Trevor Mason

Last year’s inaugural Ultimate Callout Challenge turned out better than anyone could have expected. For this year’s event, the UCC is blowing up big time. It’ll be hosted in Indianapolis April 21-23 and will feature more than 100 vendors over the course of the event’s three days. I know SEMA gets a lot of love from the automotive industry, and rightly so, but this year’s UCC is going to essentially be SEMA for diesels. Part of that is due to the fact that the UCC is combining with the Diesel Performance Industry Expo.

The main draw of the event, and the reason for its name, is the three-day diesel showdown that’ll be happening on the track. The biggest names in the industry have been invited to come to an all-out, no-holds-barred competition to see just who has the biggest, baddest diesel around. With one day each dedicated to the dyno, drag race, and sled pull, there’s untold potential for some serious carnage. Just check out the header image of this article, courtesy of last year’s dyno day. (No one was hurt, by the way, and the truck competed the rest of the week, believe it or not.)

If you’re serious about diesel performance, you won’t want to miss the event. After Shawn Baca laid down a mind-boggling 2,474 horsepower and 3,240 lbs/ft of torque last year, there’s talk of people shooting for 3,000hp this year. We can’t wait to see if that happens! For more information on the UCC and to get tickets, go to

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