Weekend Tips: It’s Dyno Time!

May 2016 Feature Todd Welch

Provided By Power Driven Diesel

One of the best parts of owning a diesel truck is how easy and fun it is to make them incredibly powerful! There are so many ways to turn them up, and when you do, the thrill of actually finding out what your hard work has accomplished is a great feeling. The best way to get a true measurement of what you have done is to go to a dyno event and put your truck on the rollers!

For those who have not been to a dyno event I want to give you some idea of what to expect and a how-to article. Often when a dyno event is announced there is a pre-registration period where you can sign up and save some money on your runs. If you don’t pre-register it’s not a big deal; they will still happily take your money at the event. When you arrive at the event, first find the registration desk and they will have you sign some waivers and provide all the materials you need to run. 

Depending on the size of the event, there are often different classes. Usually they are based on turbo size, number of turbos and whether or not you are using nitrous. Not all events have classes though and some are just an event to come and dyno your truck. 

Once you’re done at the registration desk you will next get your truck in line. While you are in line you will be able to talk with other people in line and look over a lot of very cool trucks. I have made many friends at these events and have always had a great time. A lot of people in line will have run before and everyone I have encountered at past events has been very happy to answer any questions I asked.

Now it is your turn. The nerves might start at this point but don’t worry; it will get worse in a minute. Once you are strapped in on the dyno they will instruct you put your truck in gear and just idle along to center your truck on the dyno. This is not the time to nail it!  Once you are centered they will finish strapping you on. At this point the dyno operator will be standing near you discussing your run. You most likely will run your truck in overdrive to get the highest load on your engine. This will allow the most boost to be made which will enable you to make the most power. The operator and you will discuss what speed or rpm to start and stop the run. Then you start getting your vehicle up to speed. This is where the nerves really got to me on my first run. I don’t know why but it was quite intense! The dyno at this point will not have a high load. It will be fairly easy to get to your pre-determined speed. Once you are ready to floor it you will usually nod to the operator and he will apply the load and you push your foot to the floor and let off once you have gone as fast as you want to go. It is that simple. Usually you get three runs and the next two are a cake walk.

Here is a simple trick many use to get the best results. Often I will ride my brakes to build boost before I nod to the operator, once I nod I floor the skinny pedal and make sure to let off the brakes! This helps a lot to make sure you have full boost for the entire run. If you don’t hit full boost until high into the rpm range you might miss your peak power potential. 

I often hear how people are worried about breaking their trucks on the dyno. While it is possible, I will say you are much more likely to hurt it hot-rodding on the street. The dyno run is perfectly smooth and will not shock load your drivetrain unlike full power runs on a bumpy road. The only trucks I have seen get hurt on the dyno are very high power trucks trying to hit insane numbers! The reality is the dyno is the safest place to make peak power on these trucks, so if you have ever nailed it on the streets, you will most likely be fine on the dyno. Go do it and have a blast!

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