Get More Power For Your EcoDiesel With The Banks Diesel Bullet Tuner

March 2016 Products Trevor Mason

The Banks Bullet tuner offers three adjustable-on-the-fly power levels: stock, tow, and sport.

Testing has shown the Bullet can boost your power by 37hp and 57 pound-feet of torque. Banks’s goal from the beginning was to increase power, improve driveability, and maintain engine dependability. They’ve been working with the EcoDiesel since 2012, so they have the experience to back up their work.

The tow and power modes of the Bullet:

  • Improve your fuel economy. 
  • Digital boost gauge that can give a visual warning (via a red LED)
  • Adjustable in a range of 20-50 PSI. 
  • Show engine fueling in percentages. 

For more information, call 800-GET-POWER or visit 

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