Torque Converter Lockup Switch from Dirty Hooker Diesel

December 2015 Products Trevor Mason Web Exclusive

Dirty Hooker Diesel (gotta love that name) has designed a new torque converter lockup switch that delivers exacting performance 100% of the time. After running into countless other switches that would only work some of the time, DHD wanted to make the best lock up switch as possible. After all, the last thing you need is an unreliable switch when you’re at some competition and needing that next win. 

DHD’s 115-510 and 116-610 Dirty Alli-Lockers area available in 5- and 6-speed configurations and override the TCM to allow full manual control of the torque converter clutch. There are two modes, automatic (required for daily driving) and manual, available at the flip of a switch. Once flipped to manual, you now have complete control and can immediately lock or unlock the converter, as the situation warrants. 

There’s no need for boxes or interceptor modules; you simply install the wire harness that needs to be routed and interfaced with the TCM. After that, you mount the switch anywhere on your dash with factory hardware. For more information, call 989-479-0444 or visit


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