Royal Purple Announces New Purple Ice

December 2015 Products Trevor Mason

Royal Purple has announced Purple Ice, a reformulated cooling system optimizer and conditioner. Purple Ice reduces engine coolant temperatures by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit and protects against the buildup and corrosion of your truck’s cooling system.

Everything you do in your truck, from towing to racing, even day-to-day driving, takes its toll on your cooling system. That system is vital to your vehicle’s health but is often neglected, which can lead to overheating. Purple Ice acts as a wetting agent and reduces the surface tension of your coolant, which in turn lowers engine coolant temperature. The lower temperature allows the hot metal parts of the engine interact better with the coolant and allows the coolant to do its job of removing excess heat. 

Purple Ice uses 100-percent organic acid technology, which helps form surface films on the metal surfaces of the engine, while doing no harm to rubber seals and hoses. It is also 100 percent water soluble and compatible with all OEM and stock replacement coolant, including extended-life antifreeze. It can even be used with straight water for maximum cooling. 

Purple Ice is available in 12-ounce bottles nationwide. For more information, visit

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