DT TESTED: Lemur Monitor’s BlueDriver

November 2015 Products DT Staff

What It Is: BlueDriver 

What It Does: It’s a professional-grade vehicle diagnostics tool that is portable, affordable and simple to use. 

How It Works: Download the free BlueDriver app and plug in the BlueDriver into your truck; it’s really that easy. 

Why You Need One: Once we found out we could take our Apple or Android devices and turn them into diagnostic tools for trucks, we knew this was a must-have for our truck. With BlueDriver you can wirelessly read and clear diagnostic trouble codes without having to take your truck into the shop. You can generate vehicle-specific information such as code definition, possible causes and repair recommendations, helping make BlueDriver the first line of defense for today’s mechanics.

BlueDriver Works with all makes and models (sold in U.S. and Canada) that are 1996 or newer, retails for $99.95 and is small enough to fit in your pocket. 

Our Take: We first downloaded the app on our phone and it only took a couple of minutes. It really is as easy to use as advertised and probably our favorite is the live feature. It shows pretty much what is going on with the vehicle in live time. You go into the app and select what you want to see and it shows them up close. You can even convert the info into graphs and gauges. With just one stroke you can email it to yourself too so you can gather all the info and then study it on your computer.   

What Impressed Us Most: The Bluetooth feature is really neat. You can hold your iPad, iPhone or whatever in your hand and see what you want without any wires. You can even have someone drive your vehicle and you can sit in the passenger side and check things out. The freeze frame feature is great too because if you do have a code for a problem, it will show exactly what is going on at the time it came up.

What Is Also Helpful: The report is interesting too. It tells you how to fix the problem you might be having. Every truck owner should have one of these in his glove box when on the road. 

More Details: Visit www.lemurmonitors.com to learn more about BlueDriver.


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