Let the ATS CoPilot Guide You

October 2015 Products Trevor Mason Web Exclusive

ATS has a brand new product that is sure to please all you Dodge drivers out there. The ATS CoPilot for 68 RFE gives you unprecedented control over your torque converter, with increased line pressure, forced torque converter lockup and simple plug-and-play installation. You can easily convert any stock or after-market transmission to harness up to 270 psi of line pressure. 

Designed for all 2007.5-2015 Dodge vehicles, the CoPilot requires no cutting or splicing of wires to install. It monitors variables such as vehicle speed, boost, and throttle position and also controls internal clamping force, which lets the transmission shift faster, with more power, and without affecting the long term shift strategy of the transmission. 

While the new valve body separator plate gives you more pressure to the clutch packs, it also gives you up to 400 ft/lbs of torque over stock. The CoPilot’s line pressure control is smart enough to achieve this without raising internal temperatures in the transmission. 

The most prominent benefit of the CoPilot is the jump in horsepower and torque capacity. The on-the-fly adjustment and better shift and clutch application make this the best available transmission/converter control out there.

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